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Animus Family Party - Manchester's New Collaborative Club Night

Animus Family is a new late-night club night, hoping to establish a monthly event in the heart of Manchester.

The ‘family’ is a mix of audio engineers, Jamaican MCs, local DJs, producers, club promoters, artists and digital marketers that have put aside their day to day jobs to join the secret society. Inspired by the catacomb raves of Paris to the Techno lodgers of East Berlin- the first public Animus Family party will feature cutting-edge electronic dance music and unreleased tracks by massive house and techno artists. From a blend of new artists and established names the first every promoted night will have a particular focus on House, Techno & Disco.

Jamaican MC Sam Nizzle

The night is special in that it’s a collaboration between artists who are high-craft studio engineers, commercial promoters and street artists, local MCs, house party DJs who never really get a chance (or particularly are that interested in) playing at commercial venues. The events core focus is on collaboration a growing and shaping of music throughout. In the spirit of this, the Animus Family will soon be releasing a competition for DJ’s and producers from Manchester to get a chance to join the family and DJ at the first public event.

Earth:Bound at Whiskey Jar

The companies behind the secret society are organisers from Discopia (2018) - an apocalyptic style party based on George Orwell’s 1984 novel that took place in the late Antwerp Mansion - four days before the government shut down the venue. Other operators include those from Earthbound, a space-ship themed party in the basement of Whiskey Jar, which made a cosmic impact in Manchester's Northern Quarter in late 2018 with its alien visuals, light projections and zero-gravity music. Other contributions come from Ad Hoc records, who are well known in Manchester for their incredible immersive set lists: wavey jaw-dropping dance music and knife-edge forest rhythms. After running nights in secrecy for the majority of 2019, the inaugural Animus Family launches on the 4th of October.

The event will feature artists such as the acclaimed Jamaican MC Sam Nizzle, artists from AD Hoc Records, Sprechen Records and guests from Paradiso Records. Bringing club culture to Manchester’s small club scene, Animus Family will take place within Joshua Brooks, which was voted the UK's best small club in the 2018.


You can find out more details about the event here:

Full Lineup:

Sam Goes to Tokyo [Paradiso Records]

Supported by FOUR FOUR Magazine and Bolting Bits Sam goes to Tokyo returns to Manchester for an Animus DJ set. Following his two biggest releases: the Jam Batch Edits and his unstoppable Lemons at the disco release- we are highly anticipating this set.

Ayrton Hood Music [Highly Swung]

Known well for his good vibe disco edits and eclectic mixing through house to funk via Hivemind Collective we are excited to have him join the Animus Family.

Residing in Manchester for the past 8 years, TJ is known from the Manchester small club night Earth:Bound as well as playing several niche venues around Manchester. Focusing on the darker side of electronic music TJ likes to encapsulate moody & emotional textures into his mix, usually backed up by heavy drums & mind-altering melodies.

On California's Cloud 909 label and various labels under an Unknown Artist tag - Jung's focus on crowd psychology and psycho-acoustics within a DJ set- we are very excited to experience (tribal beats, lush silky synth and otherworldly deep cuts).


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